Arsenal vs Southampton – Goals Galore!

This was Arsenal and Southampton’s fourth league game of the season with Arsenal with a record so far of 2 draws and 1 win and Southampton…. Won none! Many predicting Arsenal will win this with ease and immediately, was right.
Disclaimer: This post is only about the goals. I will post the in depth game review later.

Arsenal dominating Southampton and it showed just right off the bat German international, Lukas Podolski lovely work intercepting the ball to attack straight away and immedietly throughed it splitting the Southamton defence to Kieren Gibbs’ wing, who releases a cross and the ball got deflected off the defender to the goal to make it 1-0.

Just moments later, Arsenal draws a foul 24* yards away from the box, Lukas Podolski seemingly likely to take it with power, curved it above the keeper the make it 2-0 to Arsenal.

Straight after that goal the third and fourth goal came stopping the hopes of Southamton to win the game.
Mikel Arteta lobbed a ball above the Southampton defence accurately, straight to Gervinho who finished it powering unto the goalie’s left near post to make it 3-0. The fourth once again was an own goal unfortunately for Southampton. Gervinho with pass to the left hand side to Kieren Gibbs again, who tried to ground cross it but went straight unto the defender and off to make it 4-0.

However with celebrations, there is something that has to happen wrong. I’m not going to explain this goal properly, since this is an Arsenal blog not a Southampton blog. Southampton pulled one back with a horrific Woijciech Szczesny mistake.

The second half started with what almost looked like a Southampton looked like they were about to do a ‘Magpie’ with a chance but JUST missed it.
Moment later, Arsenal scored to make it game over courtesy of Yao Kuassi Gervais a.k.a Gervinho. From a Ramsey shot which hit the post that deflected to Gervinho who shot in point blank range.
Maybe, this is the time your saying “Is it over yet?” Nope, one word. Walcott. Yes after being subbed in for Gervinho Walcott scored the sixth goal and what was classy about that was, he wasn’t celebrating.

The match ended 6-1 to Arsenal with Ox and Walcott applauding the Southampton and Arsenal fans. Can this be another invincible season? Maybe. Up the Arsenal.


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